Thursday, September 20, 2007

Support the troops

Recorded by Ernest Tubb and written by Tubb and an Army Sargent, Soldiers Last Letter was the kind of song that used to mean support of the troops

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Recorded by Ernest Tubb
Written by Sgt. Henry Stewart and Ernest Tubb

[C] When the postman delivered a [G] letter
It filled her dear heart full of [C] joy
But she didn't know til she [D] read the inside
It was the [G] last one from her darling [C] boy.

Dear Mom, was the way that it started
I miss you so much, it went on
Mom, I didn't know, that I loved you so
But I'll prove it when this war is won.

I'm writing this down in a trench, Mom
Don't scold if it isn't so neat
You know as you did, when I was a kid
And I'd come home with mud on my feet.

The captain just gave us our orders
And Mom, we will carry them through.
I'll finish this letter the first chance I get
But now I'll just say I love you.

Then the mother's old hands began to tremble
And she fought against tears in her eyes
But they came unashamed for there was no name
And she knew that her darling had died.

That night as she knealt by her bedside
She prayed Lord above hear my plea
And protect all the sons that are fighting tonight
And dear God keep America free.

Like the current country music hits about the war it's got it's bit about the mission and keeping American free. But the major theme is about soldiers dying and about the people who loved them. Toby Kieth could learn something from Ernest Tubb. But he won't.


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Blogger Marcus said...

As great nephew to Ernest Tubb I am grateful for your lifting up this early hit from the Texas Troubadour. I receive Google alerts whenever his name surfaces on the net that is how I came to your site.
I agree completely (as my uncle would also) about the uncritical patriotism of the current country music scene.
Much of E.T.'s success spanned WWII and the Korean conflict, so another song that reflects the pathos of human and familial loss include "Rainbow at Midnight" among others.
Thanks so much.
Dr. Marcus McFaul

12:55 PM  

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