Monday, September 10, 2007


Everytime I hear this argument against the idea of timetables for withdrawel in Iraq I want to scream. Idiots. Our country and our military are run by idiots.

The arguments is that timetables will telegraph your intent to the enemy and they'll just go back underground until you leave then come back out and wrack havoc.

The problem with the argument is that it's not a bad thing if that happens. It would be a good thing. For an actual rational person that's an argument for public announcement for a withdrawel timetable.

The Iraqi government hasn't been able to establish themselves. We keep saying we want to train them to take care of themselves but the training keeps getting disrupted by having to deal with outbreaks of violence by the bad guys.

If a timetable would cause the bad guys to back off and wait then we'd have more resources to devote to training and could actually bring the Iraqi government, army and police up to speed.

Why is it bad to do something that would cause an immediate drop in violence? The argument is that the drop will just be temporary and will pop back up when we leave. But that's okay if we cn use a lull in violence to bring the Iraqis up to speed.

We need to make up our mind what the goal is.

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