Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tradition in America

What kinds of traditions do we really have in America?

It seems like more-and-more the people spouting off about the importance of American Traditions are just right-wing nutcases who wouldn't understand a true national tradition if it was shoved up their nose (shoving stuff up your nose is another kind of American Tradition).

An example of how tradition can be turned into a joke and commercialized is something I found at a website on "Traditional Family Values". One of the family traditions they list is The Flag. They say
1It has become customary to fly The Flag on National Holidays, and many people now fly The Flag daily from their homes. This action demonstrates Patriotism and Loyalty to our Country and Honors the sacrifice of all who have made this Great Nation possible.

I don't know about you, but most people I know don't even own a flag. The only flag I see flying in my neighborhood is the guy down the street from Alabama who flies a big Stars and Bars from the top of his carport. Family tradition?

But right after the explanation for this important flag flying tradition they have an ad for their storefront.

That's a true American Tradition.

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