Sunday, November 11, 2007

Green nonsense

What's with all these Green Public Service Announcements running? They're full of new age nonsense.

One says that the natural state of nature is one of equilibrium. Is that true? I'd have thought change was the natural state of nature.

Another says that American Indians made plans for 7 generations. That's pure nonsense. Maybe they didn't have a concept of time larger than about 7 generations, but that has nothing to do with tribal social planning.

What happened to science? Do they really think that ecology requires muddled brains?

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Blogger Major Bob said...

What you're referring to is called "Greenwash" - faux environmentalism packaged to gain a favorable reputation. It's practiced by large oil companies, greedy car manufacturers, and phony Nobel Prize winning ex-Vice Presidents alike.

Carbon offsets are the biggest fraud of all - the idea that you can "make up" for your carbon emissions by purchasing an offsetting "carbon sink" from a company that plants trees.

This is the modern ecological equivalent of the medieval sale of indulgences. The notion states that I may be forgiven for my sins provided I make good works in return. The worst extension of this fallacious thinking is that the good works PERMITS one to sin.

90% of all aluminum produced is recycled. There's good reason for this- it is CHEAPER to recycle aluminum that to mine and refine bauxite. If every other recycling effort had this quality, no one would need to be encouraged to recycle.

Paper recycling is highly inefficient. The de-inking process creates a toxic sludge. When paper is recycled, fiber length is reduced which reduces its usability. And because the paper in the bins exceeds recycling capacity, MOST paper ends up in a landfill anyway.

Few other "sustainable" processes work either. Hydroelectric dams were once hailed by environmentalists - now we know they create their own catastrophes. Windmills kill HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of birds a year. Solar panels can't recover the energy used to produce them for over a decade. MTBE which reduces vehicle emissions is a carcinogen now found in ground water. Ethanol isn't as clean as it is billed. Lighter, fuel efficient automobiles kill an additional 6000 people per year in accidents and the cost of higher maintenance erases most, if not all, of the cost savings.

There is one safe and efficient way to cut fossil fuel usage - NUCLEAR POWER. We've come a long way in technology since Three Mile Island.

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