Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Professional feminists

Just an observation about the complete lack of analytical skills among professional feminists. A really great source for examples of this sort of thing is the Feministing blog.

A good example is a post about the subprime lending collapse.
For activists and organizers that work on issues of displacement, jobs and housing, it is not exactly news that the subprime lending situation has had a malign effect on working class women and women of color in low income communities. They are usually first in line to fall prey to predatory lenders and usually the most viable customers of such loans.

Let's see how the feminist nutcase mind works. Lenders loan money to borrowers who stiff them, don't repay the loans. But if the borrowers are women then the lenders, the ones who loaned the money and didn't get it back, are predators while the women, the ones who got the money and didn't repay it, are victims.


The victims of the subprime lending collapse are those of us who had nothing to do with it. The lenders took loan risks they shouldn't have taken and the borrowers took risks they shouldn't have taken, and when they got burned for taking those risks the government stepped in to rescue them using tax money from those of us who had the good sense to stay out of that market.


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