Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hannity is an idiot

I was listening to Sean Hannnity on the car radio this afternoon. It's hard to tell if he really believes the stuff he says since it's pretty much the job of a radio talk show host to misrepresent things. But he's either an idiot or he thinks everybody who listens to his show is an idiot. My bet is it's both.

He had a caller who said that most people in the world don't like us and don't respect us and that the reason for that was pretty easy to understand. (us being the United States).

Hannity said that it wasn't understandable at all because people ought to love us and respect us because we're nice people (and God is on our side).

Hannity's interpretation of what the caller was saying was that the caller thought that we deserved to be hated and disrecpted.

Of course the caller said nothing of the sort. The caller was talking about what is, not what should be. Hannity was talking about what should be, not what is.

The two viewpoints aren't really in conflict, but the world views they stem from are very much in conflict.

It's one thing to try to steer the world in the direction you think the world should go. It's something else entirely to pretend the world can't be what it actually is siimply becuase you think God intended something else.


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