Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ron Paul and A list bloggers

It's a very common human fraility for people to think of themselves as members of some group that's in some sense superior to the group that those other people belong to.

Stephen Kaus gives us a great example of that in a recent bloggingheads matchup with him and Ann Althouse. He divides the world into two groups, one who watches cable news in the evening and the other watches reality TV.

Guess which group he's in?

The really funny part is that he seems to think his co-host, Ann Althouse is in the same group he's in. If he'd actually read her blog he'd realize she blogs about her favorite reality TV shows much more often than she blogs about Keith Olbermann or Fox News. The guy is just a twit, completely unaware.

He shows his ignorance again in the segement on Ron Paul. He sure has an opinion about Ron Paul, but he knows nothing about the guy. Ann has to tell him that Paul is an MD, and it appears that even Ann doesn't know that he's an ob/gyn that's delivered a few thousand babies and never done an abortion.

Ann also seems to think he must be racist since he grew up in the south. He lives in Texas, he grew up in Pennsylvania. You'd think these people would try to learn something about subjects before they pontificate on them. But I guess not.

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