Saturday, February 16, 2008

Did they lie to Congress? We can't allow that.

At least that's what Congress is saying about baseball players. I was reminded of that when I ran across this old headline from a San Franciso Chronicle from last month (sometimes it takes me a while to look at my RSS feeds).
Congress Seeking Tejada Investigation

Congress asked the Justice Department to investigate whether former AL MVP Miguel Tejada lied to House committee staff when he was interviewed in 2005 in connection with the Rafael Palmeiro steroids case.

Of course the more recent headlines are about Roger Clemens, but it's all the same. Baseball. That's important. We have to get to the bottom of that.

If we let baseball players get away with cheating then it might disrupt the business of some of those off shore sports books, and that would be un-American. We need baseball players to be role models for our children because we have no other options. Who else can our children look up to as role models? Parents? Congressmen? I don't think so.

After all, it's the parents who voted for this batch of weasels we call Congress, so they can't be any smarter than a tree limb. When Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Rice, Powell lied to Congress we didn't have a Congressional investigation. They didn't want to know about it. Because they're a bunch of gutless, spineless, weasels who already knew they were being lied to but were afraid to do anything about it.

And, no it wasn't faulty intelligence. It was lies. Lies to Congress. To the UN. To the American people. Possibly even just lies to themselves.

We know, and knew then, that they were lieing becuase of specific lies from Runsfeld and Powell. Before the invasion of Iraq, they justified it by telling us not just that Iraw had weapons of mass destruction, not just that we knew that beyond any doubt, but that we knew the locations of the WMD's.

That had to have been alie. They did not know where they where. Because if they did know we would not have needed to invade. The lies they told us to justify the invasion, if true, did not justify the invasion, they justified an air strike or possible a targeted invasion with a small force. They lied. It's that simple.

But, let's play baseball.

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