Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Teenage drivers.

I can't relate to this. It seems that only about 30% or so of teenagers get their driver's license when they are 16 and first able to legally drive.

Althouse talks about it briefly.

I got my first car when I was 13. I got my first license suspension (for driving without a license) when I was 15. I lived in a small town in South Texas (Sinton, Texas) when I turned 16. Kids drove. By then I had a 1956 Chevy, a much hotter car than the first one, and cruising through town to Land's Drive Inn Hamburgers ala American Graffiti was a regular event.

The main problem kids have today is the cost. It's just gotten completely out of hand. If he shops around a kid can find a decent car for $1,000. But liability insurance will cost him more than that for the first year. Insurance for the family car goes through the roof if daddy carries liability and comprehensive and lets the 16 year old drive it. And back when I got a ticket for no license it was no big deal. The fine was less than a weekly paycheck at my part-time gas station job. Today that's a jailable offense.

It's a different world. I really can't relate to the world today's kids have to live in. I feel sorry for them.


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