Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An update on Ryan Frederick

The Agitator has an update of the guy in Virginia who's sitting in jail, the victim of really bad police work that had a tragic consequence.

Frederick was a garden hobbyist, who had converted part of his garage to a nursery. An informant told police (falsely) that Frederick had a marijuana grow operation in his garage. They didn't investigate past sending the informant in to burglarize Fredericks home for reasons which are unclear.

A few days after his home had been burglarized Frederick awoke to a home invasion. He fired at whoever was trying to break in his front door. One cop dead. One guy who'd been minding his own business until attacked in his home in jail on first degree murder charges.

The police version of the raid does not agree with Frederick's version. Neighbor's who witnessed the raid give a version which agrees with Frederick's version.

This is not a gang-ridden neighborhood. It's a working class neighborhood, the police chief lives a block away.

This is the kind of crap giving too much power to the government gets you.

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