Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hillary on the Supreme Court

Ann Althouse thinks Hillary doesn't have the right judicial temperament for the Supreme Court, whatever the hell that means.
And it doesn't even matter that she has no judicial experience and has never done anything to indicate that she is any sort of a legal scholar or has anything like a judicial temperament.

I think it just means that Ann doesn't like Sen. Clinton.

I don't think much of Clinton either and would not want to see her on the Court. But to argue that Hillary isn't qualified is just absurd.

Hillary has a law degree, from Yale. She worked as a government lawyer. She taught in a law school. She then practiced law and spent a few years as a partner of a large firm. She's a United States Senator.

She's never been a judge, but she certainly has plenty of experience in law wearing pretty much every other hat that can be worn. I'm not sure if she has a publication record, but that doesn't really mean much in law -- the academic journals in law are almost all student edited publications, peer review is not part of legal scholarship.

I think Ann is just letting her emotions about Bill having cheated on his wife get ahead of her brain on this one.

As far as temperament goes, 5 of 9 of the current Court believes in a guy who wears a funny hat who talks personally to God. Is that an indication of what Ann thinks of when she talks about judicial temperment?

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