Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fact Checking McCain's Speech

Continuing the thread on McCain's speech:

One of the things he said was
"Executives don't get to vote present."

He was talking about the "present" vote option in the Illinois Senate that had been used by Obama a bunch of times.

But McCain is just wrong, the US President does have an option that's equivalent to the "present" vote.

"Present" is functionally the same as a "no" vote since a bill has to have a "yes" majority to pass. "Present" votes count as votes. A bill with 99 "yes" votes and 100 "present" votes will not pass in Illinois.

The US President can use a pocket veto to stop bill without actually doing anything. It's the same as a "present" vote.

Does McCain actually know the duties of the US President?


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