Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to interrogate

I have been a little surprised no one has mentioned "Stockholm Syndrome" in reference to our interrogation methods of suspected terrorists.

Apparently, some of the actual interrogators know, being kind is the best way to obtain information. I can only guess, as usual, no one in the military paid attention to them.

This from a New York Times Op-Ed

..none of the methods contained in the current Army manual on interrogation have ever been scientifically tested for effectiveness.

As military interrogators, each of us has questioned hundreds of prisoners of war, terrorists and insurgents in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia — during both Iraq wars and the 1989 invasion of Panama — and we have supervised thousands of other interrogations. While we speak only for ourselves, we have seen firsthand that many standard approaches are rarely useful in eliciting reliable intelligence, and often serve only to harden a detainee’s resistance. Widely employed tactics like “fear-up harsh,” which is meant to scare a person into answering questions, or “pride and ego down,” which uses humiliation to try to overcome a person’s resistance, are actually counterproductive in establishing the kind of relationship — one based on trust — that is almost always necessary to win a detainee’s cooperation.

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