Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dumb and dumber

I don't know who's dumber, Chris Matthews or Congressman John Campbell (R-CA).

Matthews interviews Campbell about a bill he's sponsering to require future candidates for President to show a birth certificate. It's an appeasement to the nutcase birthers who are forming the base of the Republican party these days.

Of course, such a bill is just insanity, but Matthews is just as stupid. Throughout the interview he kept using the words "native born" and "natural born" as if they're synonyms.

They aren't.

The nutcase birthers are claiming that Obama isn't Natural born because they don't accept his birth certificate as legitimate. But the birth certificate just determines whether or not he's native born, they aren't claiming he's not born to a US citizen, just that he wasn't born in the US.

But if he was born to a US citizen, which he was, then he fulfills the constitutional requirement of being natural born -- of being a citizen by nature of his birth, not the location of his birth.

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