Saturday, June 17, 2006

They never give up in Texas when there's somebody to kill

Texas is going to retry Andrea Yates. She killed her kids, and she's clearly insane. But in Texas that insanity part tends to make people nervous. She's a religious nutcase, she killed her kids because of God. And she was serious about that. Texas juries don't like thinking about the implications of that for religious belief. So they'll just focus on the she killed her kids part.

And the prosecutor will just focus on the they can get a jury to convict part.

Of course Texas is also going to try Penry for the fourth time. Those guys really just don't give up. Penry v Lynaugh 1989, Penry v Johnson 2001, Penry v Johnson 2001, the supreme court recently denied cert to that 2001 5th circuit ruling. Back for a new trial. They've been trying to kill an obviously retared man for 28 years and they aren't going to give up now.


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