Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Combat or Assasination?

I'm not sure what's going on with these attacks in Somalia. If we're attacking an encampment of Al Quada troops then that's great. I support it and Bush is doing the right thing.

But I just have a hard time connecting Bush with the idea of doing the right thing. I also have a hard time believing anything Bush says.

But it looks like his administration is bragging about having killed some guy who was involved in the planning for the attack on the USS Cole. Some guy on the FBI most wanted list.

If that was the objective of the attack, then that's very different then attacking an encampment of combat troops. Very differerent.

FBI most wanted list implies criminal behavior, not military. Assasination is not how to serve a criminal arrest warrent.

The TV reports are all justifying this attack and killing of a man wanted on criminal charges on intelligent reports. I guess the same kind of reports that told us about the WMD's.

I'm just not sure about this.

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