Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is the United States Army a UN occupation force?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I sure didn't think so. If I'm wrong could somebody let me know?

Some nutcase Army "Expert" in Iraq seems to think so, but not strongly enough to stand up and say so in public.

The presentation was the result of weeks of preparation and revisions as U.S. officials put together a package of material to support the Bush administration's claims of Iranian intercession on behalf of militant Iraqis fighting American forces.

Senior U.S. military officials in Baghdad said the display was prompted by the military's concern for "force protection," which, they said, was guaranteed under the United Nations resolution that authorizes American soldiers to be in Iraq.

The sonsofbitches are just flat out lying again. The above is simply not true. I don't know why the AP writes these kinds of stories. They know it's just another big lie, why even give pretense to the possibility that the Army is telling them the truth?

This is just unacceptble behavior, and just like they did 4 years ago the US press establishment is just rolling over and going along with the crap they know full well is a lie.

When the Army will lie to us about UN support of our invasion of Iraq you can be damn sure they're lieing to us about everything else.

This is so frustrating. I wonder what the point of being an American is when your government has no respect for you and no respect for the truth and the Army is just run by a bunch of career cowards who are scared the truth might cost them a promotion.


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