Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More feminist posturing.

When I was in the Navy I often stood watches with a Lt(jg) who had gone through the NESEP program. That was a program where an enlisted man could take four years out of his service to get a college degree and then return to service with an Ensign commission. The Navy paid all tuition and paid you PO2 (E5) pay while you were in school. Pretty good deal. Of course they were selective.

One of the things I remember him telling me about it was his experience with part time jobs. He was married and had kids at the time and got himself a parttime job to help out. He got a job at a gas station. (This was back in the 60's when gas stations actually had oil change bays, sold tires, did mechanical work, etc). The Navy made him quit the job becuause it wasn't appropriate for a future US Navy officer to have that kind of mechanics job.

I thought about his experience when I read this feminist tirade about a woman in the AF who posed for Playboy in uniform and is in big trouble with the AF about it.

The point that seems to get missed is that she posed in uniform. That's what sealed the airman's fate (and airman is the right word, like soldier or sailor or marine, airman is gender neutral). Posing in Playboy would have gotten her talked to. Posing in Playboy in uniform gets her in big trouble.

That woman had been in the AF for 13 years. She knew better.

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