Saturday, April 21, 2007

Student charged with coming in contact with stupid cops

A student who studies robotics at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh is arrested for no reason other than the Pittsburgh hires really stupid people as police officers.

He was seen putting a large metal cylinder in his car. I know it's surprising, but sometimes robots are made out of metal parts and sometimes those parts are cylindrical. And sometimes students of robotics might actually put robot parts into their car. Hard to believe, I know.

Anyway. Some twit watches too much cable news and called the cops who arrested him for possession of a a facsimile of a weapon of mass destruction

I'm not making this up.

A Carnegie Mellon University student was arraigned Friday on charges of disorderly conduct and possessing a facsimile of a weapon of mass destruction after police initially thought he had a bomb.

someone called 911 to report him loading a metal cylinder that looked like a bomb into his Toyota Echo.

Police briefly locked down the CMU campus until the city bomb squad determined the cylinder was not a bomb.

Chestnutt has owned the 4-foot-high, silver-and-green cylinder for four years, according to a police affidavit

Chestnutt was charged because he "caused undue concern" and should not have anything that "mimics or could be construed as a bomb."

Ever heard of a pipe bomb? If you live in Pittsburgh and need to do any plumbing repairs I'd suggest using plastic pipe. Of course that probably violates city building codes.

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