Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Code red lockdown?

It's getting hard enough to figure out what a lockdown is. Now we have different kinds of lockdowns -- in Madison, WI they have Code Red Lockdowns.
MADISON, Wis. -- La Follette High School officials said the school's lockdown policy could get some changes after a lockdown on Friday, which was triggered by a false report.

Code Red lockdowns were called Friday morning at Sennett Middle School and La Follette High School after a report that a man with a gun was headed toward a school, WISC-TV reported. The report to 911 turned out to be false.

La Follette Principal Loren Rathart said that the lockdown itself went great, saying that all doors were locked and students were under cover within three minutes of the 911 call.

But school officials said that despite notification of all parents by phone and Internet, a huge security concern surfaced.

Rathart said that more than 100 concerned parents came to the school after their children called them on their cell phones.

Staff said they met the parents at the front door and sent them to offices, where things got chaotic.

"We try to discourage that as much as possible because, until we're able to release students and get this place secure, we don't know whether there is a threat. And so having parents come to school may mean that they're going in harm's way," Rathart said.

Earlier I'd reported on this happening at a middle school. After reading the current report it seems it happened at two schools, it's not clear at all what happened.

But, what is clear is that the school officials intendially lockdown students in a way that keeps them in harms way. They say that in their public statements. They think that's a good thing?

These people are just idiots. There's no nice way to say this. Idiots.

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