Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hardball is a joke

Chris Matthews has lost his way. He no longer hosts a political show. He hosts a TV show which is a blend Entertainment Tonight and Reno 911. He's become his own joke.

Ann Coulter and Al Sharpton. Those are the key guests this week. Neither have a single thing to contribute to public discourse in the United States. Not one thing.

They are both experts in spouting off outrageous nonsense. That's all they do. They do it well, but that has nothing to do with politics unless you really think that intentional misdirection serves to advance the level of political discourse.

Chris Matthews talks about Ann Coulter having no shame. Chris Matthews is the one that needs to develop a sense of shame. Even Fox News, as worthless as they are, does a better job of contributing to a public debate about reality than Chris Matthews is doing this week. Just worthless. I'm really disappointed.

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