Friday, June 22, 2007

Cops have to practice someplace

Man calls for EMS, gets police Tasers
Waxahachie resident Allen Nelms says a call to 911 to get medical attention for his diabetic seizure got him Tasered by police instead.

He said he still has no answer as to why police broke down his door with their guns drawn before shooting him multiple times with a Taser as he lay in bed.

This is bizarre enough so that you almost have to think the newspaper left out some important information. Almost.

Here's something the newspaper report above left out.
The officer in charge of the scene that night, Sgt. Ricky Wilson, was also the subject of another recent internal investigation in which Wilson was accused of violating department policies and lying to cover it up. It was the major first blemish in Wilson's 14 years as a cop.


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