Monday, September 10, 2007

Career trumps integrity

It was predictable. There's no way that he'd have ever gotten his job in the first place if Bush didn't have strong reason to expect him to be a good soldier and just say what he's told to say.

Petraeus has no integrity.

He's claiming that no one could have said things back in January, things he actually said back in January. What he's trying to do is claim that improvement in Anbar province is attributable to the surge when the truth is that his own words described improvements in Anbar before the surge. Now he pretends what he said back in January wasn't said.

This is all just nonsense. You can't believe anything that any of those slimeballs say. Generals are scared to death that they might say something that ends up costing them a few hundred a month in their retirement benefits. Service to the country my ass. Self serving slime is more like it.

Let's see, he didn't "clear" his statement with anybody but the date he's presenting was "vetted" by two intelligence agencies.


One of the reasons The General thinks we need to stay in Iraq is so that Iran doesn't take over.

The reason we used to support Saddam was as a way to keep Iran in check. That really worked out well.

Chris Mathews of MSNBC is harping on The General's answer to a question about whether or not the current strategy in Iraq will make American safer if it succeeds.

He doesn't know, he says. He hasn't thought about it. He's focused on achievement of the message.

How many stars does this guy have?

What the hell has happened to the US military?

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