Monday, September 24, 2007

Columbia and ROTC

I'm just really getting tired of hearing that silly mantra of them not letting ROTC on campus.

They don't give the Army an academic department (which is what ROTC is, when I was in college you got credit for it). They don't give an academic department to Iran either.

The Iranian president spoke as part of a program they have for world leaders. He's the Head of State of a country. If you can find an ROTC instructor who's also a head of state of a country I'm thinking maybe he can speak in the same forum.

Attack the man on his merits, or lack of them, not on some silly nonsense argument as to why students shouldn't be allowed to discover the merits.

The guy actually came across as more rational that the President of Columbia University, who came across as a mealy mouthed fund raiser rather than the leader of a major center of academics.

Ann Althouse on the event. She just repeats Hannity nonsense as if it means something.

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