Sunday, September 23, 2007

Texas History

I caught the first 5 minutes of The Alamo, the 2004 version. It's awful. It doesn't seem they get one damn thing right.

It starts out with Crockett still a congressman from Tennessee and Houston trying to sell land. Crockett is talking to Houston about the new Republic.

Two problems with that, right at the git go. Houston wasn't a land promoter, Austin was the land promoter. And the talk of a Republic didn't really come until later.

Also, they have Houston saying that "Tennessee can go to Hell". It was Crockett who said that, after losing an election.

Then they flash forward to the revolution, and portray Houston as a drunk. Bowie was the drunk, Houston drank a lot later in his life, but not at the time of the revolution.

Then they show Travis and his wife in Texas talking about a divorce. Travis had left his wife back in Alabama, having left to escape a manslaughter charge after he killed his wife's boyfriend.

I changed channels at that point. I'm not sure they got one detail right.

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