Monday, September 24, 2007


That self-important clown at Columbia who's introducing the Iranian President is condeming Iran because they execute minors.

So does the US.

Maybe we should invade ourselves?


The speech started off with an introduction that was later correctly characterized by the Iranian President as rude. It made the President of Columbia look uncharitable and small-minded, and politically weak. He was clearly caving to critics of Columbia trying to upgrade the public and political image of Columbia. In doing so he did some damage to his own image I think.

I laughed out loud when the Iranian nutcase forgave him for his lack of politeness. I thought that was really funny, and the best way to deal with it.

What did we learn from the whole thing? (the intro, then the speech, then the Q/A).

Well we learned some things we already knew -- that for example, we're the enemy of freedom from the point of view of an Iranian. The US supported the dictator that they overthrew, the US supported Saddam in his war with Iran, the US fights Iranian attempts to acheive self sufficieny on the world economic stage. Of course they think of us as the enemy -- we are.

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