Sunday, September 16, 2007

Petraeus and Truth

Are you unsure whether you can believe anything Gen. Petraeus says? Check him out this morning as he makes the circuit of the Sunday morning talk shows. He's going to be on Fox, and then he'll be on ... Oh. Just Fox.

Always be selling.

I never understood why
At his Senate confirmation hearing in January, he was widely regarded as the quintessential military professional, a credible, independent voice who stood above the political fray.

Just the fact that Bush is willing to appoint anybody for anything means they are a team player and the team they play on is Bush's team, not America's team. That's a given by now. Come on, it's been 7 years, we should have figured that out by now.

The part I like is when they pump up the medals on his chest.

An example of the Patraeus lack of candor. He's just a political hack.

Another example of his lack of candor.

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