Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm watching a Law and Order re-run where one of the character's is a woman who's in the Navy, she's a quartermaster on a supply ship.

They show her on the main deck, with a clipboard checking off various supplies that are stacked on deck.

In the army a supply clerk is called a quartermaster. In the Navy a supply clerk is called a supply clerk. A quartermaster is a rating who specializes in driving the ship and navigation aids. Their duty station is the bridge or a map room adjacent to the bridge, a few levels above the main deck. The only time I ever recall seeing a quartermaster on the main deck is when they were taking some time off and fishing off the fantail.

I'm not even sure the Navy still has Quartermasters since they probably don't keep all those paper charts anymore, now having computer storage for the charts. I doubt they need to have sailors charting courses by hand all that much any more.


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