Friday, October 19, 2007

Ellen and her dog

A long time ago I was married and we had a small dog. It was a miniature dachshund. Then we had a baby. A baby and a dog. When the baby got big enough to crawl around on his own he started doing things like sitting on the dog. The dog was small, passive, and seemed to really like the baby. He'd follow him around, and wouldn't peep when he got sat on.

But it worried us, the dog didn't seem to be willing to even run away when and we were afraid the baby might hurt the dog. So we gave it away. The dog, not the baby.

That's why some pet adoption agencies don't like to place pets in families with small children. Sometimes small kids really just don't know any better. It might put the kids at risk and it might put the animals at risk.

What news agencies kept reporting about Ellen and her dog and the adoption agency that repossessed the dog is that the repossession was only because Ellen broke the rules about letting the agency vet the new owners. What they keep leaving out of their reports is that one of the key factors in that vetting is that they don't want ot place pets in families with children under 14. Ellen's friends had two kids under 14.

You could certainly argue that 14 might be a cut off age that's older than it needs to be for the safety of the animal. But rather than argue that Ellen decided that the rules about age of children and animals that she'd already been vetted for didn't apply to her. After all, Ellen has a TV show, rules don't apply to her.

I really liked the part where Ellen's PR flack threatened to "notify the media". Ellen is the media.

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