Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Iran and Turkey

I really don't get it.

Both Iran and Turkey border Iraq, in very different spots. The US does not have control of the area of Iraq which borders Iraq. The area of Iraq which borders Turkey is stable, the kurds seem to be doing just fine.

Bush seems to often say that if Iran does anything to try to stabalize the region of Iraq near their borders it will be considered some kind of attack on the US.

But if Turkey invades Iraq because they think if they cause problems in Northern Iraq it will make it easier for them to keep their thumb on the Kurds in their own country, well that's okay.

We're not just a rogue country any more, we're insane.

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Blogger TenMile said...

Iran wants to kill Americans and distract the US from the nuc business, while becoming a regional power.

The Kurds want their own country, seperate and distinct. They also want oil income. Part of the area they want is in Turkey.

Turkey wants to keep the territory they presently have, the Kurds from power.

The US started making mistakes in that area of the world in WWII when the big three (England, US and Russia) divided up the World.

Russia needs its own "Ring of Pearls" to contain China; control resouces; gain a warm water ports; and keep a buffer from the home land.

China wants the same thing Iran wants: distraction from internal business, world political superior positions, resources.

But I'm not a Democrat and see Bush as continuing a policy started by the US Government many years ago - by Democrats.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Major Bob said...

No, you really don't get it.

No one in the Bush Administration is saying that a Turkish invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan is "okay."

The Iraq/Turkey border is NOT stable. That is the entire point. Kurdish insurgent groups are operating out of Iraq which is pissing off Turkey.

Iran is trying to DEstabilize Iraq to take pressure off its own violations of international treaties and support for terrorism. Turkey is engaged in internal pressures not only from Kurds, but from muslim extremists. The US has warned both of them to stay out of Iraq. There is no inconsistency whatsoever.

You're not just a rogue US citizen anymore, you're insane.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Gary Carson said...


Whether or not the border between Iraq and Turkey is stable is different from whether or not that part of Iraq is stable.

The border problems are Turkish problems, not Iraqi or US problems.

But we aren't going to threaten the Turks. I guess becuase they don't have oil, I don't really know the reasons. Neither do you.

Tenmile --
What makes you think Iran wants to kill Americans? That sounds like paranoid nonsense.

Iran used to be a democratic country. We destroyed that decades ago.

I don't care who started the policy. It's a bad policy.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Major Bob said...

If you had a point with your original post, it is AWOL. You seemed to suggest that America's political posture with respect to Iran and Turkey were contradictory. They are not.

And you made an assertion with respect to an invasion by Turkey which is just not true.

We aren't threatening Turkey because Turkey is an ALLY and because their saber rattling is intended mostly to appease their OWN and to get the US to apply its considerable influence over the Kurds. The Kurds are, and have been great allies to the US. Absolutely WONDERFUL people. I worked with several of them in Kosovo in 2000-2001.

Sigh. You people have oil on the brain. Oil has absolutely NOTHING to do with our foreign policy with respect to terrorism. Iran, Iraq, and North Korea were considered State Sponsors of Terrorism throughout the Clinton Administration. The difference is that Clinton didn't do anything about it.

Oil is the objective of our enemies. Saddam wanted to control the vast oilfields of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden wanted to instigate an overthrow of Saudi Arabia and control its oil.

If a man comes home to find his wife being raped and he stops the attacker, the two men are not fighting over SEX! If we attack Iraq for its blatant aggression against Kuwait (for oil) and its subsequent refusal to abide by UN resolutions, that has NOTHING to do with oil.

6:31 PM  

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