Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cop threatens somebody

I'm not even sure why this is news, it's pretty much typical cop behavior. They can't cope with disrespect and the only tool they have in their mental toolbox to get respect is to use force or the threat of force.
A Houston police officer is out on bond after being arrested on a charge of terroristic threat against a family member.

Rafael Baez Jr., 37, of The Woodlands, was arrested Sept. 24, according to Montgomery County sheriff's officials. He was released on $1,500 bond the same day. A deputy responded to a domestic violence call and later received an emergency protective order to arrest him, officials said.

A spokeswoman with the Houston Police Department confirmed that Baez works for the department. She could not say whether an internal investigation is being conducted

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Blogger Major Bob said...

Negatively stereotyping police officers based on the actions of a few: that's a "typical" liberal reaction.

Even if police officers have higher than average rates of domestic abuse, it does not lend itself to your unseemly comments about "typical" police behavior.

Where is the sympathy for criminals that literally drips from your usual writings? How about excusing this officer's behavior by referencing the root cause of PTSD common in police work?

In one blog entry you slam "typical" police behavior and in another you decry life sentences for teenagers who MURDER people in the most violent manners.

You are imbalanced.

11:51 AM  

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