Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Theives with badges

They had no legal authority to stop the car or to search it or to seize it's contents. But they'll keep the money anyway.


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Blogger Major Bob said...

Uh, you did read that they FIRED the police officer, didn't you?

And you do know that NONE of the police officers (including the fired one) nor the police department are going to get one penny of that money. That makes them pretty bad "theives" [sic]

I suppose you want to give the ill-gotten gains back to the criminals.

I was driving my wife to the airport one morning at 4:30 am. A car pulled into my right blind spot and hovered there. I kept a careful eye on it as I drove. At about a mile, it pulled behind me and turned on its gumball rack.

The police officer said I wasn't speeding (I was actually 5mph over) but that I had "strayed out of my lane." I don't think I did, but if so it was because I was watching that asshole in my right-hand mirror.

So yes, Virginia, there are lying cops. Some do abuse their powers. But I still can't understand your intense hatred and stereotyping of them.

I still have no idea why that cop stopped me. Did he suspect that a white guy had abducted a young-looking Asian woman? Did he suspect me of drunk driving at 4:30am?

I certainly have good reason to complain about his violation of my rights, but I prefer to think he had good intentions with bad methods.

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