Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dick Cheney gets one right

The supreme courts is hearing a gun rights case about a law in Washington DC banning ownership of handguns. The case seems to hinge on whether or not the Second Amendment is personal rights or state rights. Whether it's about the right for you to own a gun or whether it's the right of a state to field a State Guard.

Rationally, the idea that there's any question about that is complete nonsense. The whole point of the constitution was to limit the power of the federal government over the states. That part pretty much got changed with the civil war but the first Ten amendments was called the Bill of Rights becuase it was a list of 10 specific individual rights that the original writers to make sure didn't get overlooked within the main documents emphasis on limitation of federal rights over the states. It's about personal rights. All of it. The whole list. And the Second Amendment was number two on that list.

The US Justice Department filed a brief arguing that the DC law is bad and should be overturned, but that the personal rights of the second amendment is limited. But Dick Cheney, Dick "kill that bird in the cage" Cheney, signed a brief from various conservative senators (55 of them) arguing that personal rights are personal rights and that the Bill of Rights is about personal rights.

Good for him.


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