Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm an American

I was playing poker in Ponca City, OK last night and they had a bunch of TV's along the wall with various basketball games on. One of them was the Univerisity of Oklahoma v. University of Texas game.

I was struck by a difference in the uniforms.

Texas players had their orange shirts with TEXAS and the player's number blazoned across the front. The Oklahoma players had shirts with SOONERS and the player's number. But the Oklahoma uniform shirts had an addition. They had an American flag logo in the upper left corner of the shirt front.

What the hell is that all about?

Let's see if I have this right? These are guys who live in Oklahoma, they play basketball. And they have to make sure that we know they're Americans and that we don't mistake them for Cambodians or something?

This patriotism stuff has really just gotten out of hand. A country that wears it's nationalism on its shirtfront almost never has things work out real well.


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