Saturday, February 02, 2008

The mind of a prosecutor

Sometimes I think you have to be brain damaged to work as a prosecutor.

Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center is a blog written by a prosector in Harris County, Texas (Houston). It really gives a lot of insight into how prosecutors tend to think.

In a recent post he whines about not being understood. Here's part of what he says
Yesterday, Quannel X and a pretty sizeable group of protestors were in
front of the CJC protesting. As I've pointed out, some of things they said were
valid. Some were not. But what was impossible to ignore was the fact that there
was a vast vast disconnection between the (mostly) African-American protestors
and the Criminal Justice System (specifically the HCDA's office). There were
many things that were said by the multiple speakers, where I couldn't help but
think "they just don't understand".

And then I realized that I may have just stumbled onto something. They
didn't understand.

They don't understand. Of course there's no possibility at all that he's the one that doesn't understand. After all, he's a prosecutor, he's smart and he understands.

This is the mindset of government employee who actually makes life and death decisions. It's a really good reason to not have a death penalty.

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