Friday, November 14, 2008

Hiding in plain sight

I use to live in New Jersey and sometimes read the New Jersey papers online. I particularly enjoy reading about any mob activity, New Jersey being well known for that and all.

Today there is an article in the Star Ledger regarding a mob guy accused of a murder in 1977.

This paragraph made me laugh.

In 1996, Coppola failed to show up to submit a DNA sample for comparison. Then a Spring Lake (New Jersey) resident, Coppola went into hiding, assuming various identities along the way, until investigators found him March 9, 2007, on a Manhattan street corner.

I am sure there is more to this story. Or, maybe after 20 years he just missed the old neighborhood and decided to hang out, thinking the statue of limitations had passed.

He might actually get off due to the time lapse.

The Newark native has yet to be indicted in New Jersey for the attack, and his attorney in September filed a motion to dismiss the charge, accusing the state Attorney General's Office of taking too long to bring the case before a grand jury.

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