Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Taking a Urine Sample

This guy clearly did something to piss off the cop.
An Indiana man has filed a lawsuit claiming that police forcibly withdrew urine from his body during a drunken driving arrest.

According to the suit, police pulled over Jamie Lockard, 53, on suspicion of drunk driving in March. Police said he had driven through two stop signs.

A Breathalyzer test showed Lockard was under the legal limit, but Officer Brian Miller doubted the findings.

Lockard and his attorney claimed in the suit that police took him to Dearborn County Hospital and forced him to submit to a urine test.

Police said they obtained a warrant to obtain a blood and urine sample. They said Lockard refused to provide either voluntarily, saying he could not urinate and declining to drinks fluids to help him urinate.

Lockard's attorney said his client was shackled to a gurney and had a catheter inserted against his will.

What kind of judge signed that warrant?

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