Monday, August 28, 2006

Lock him up

They're having a debate on Hannity and Colmes about how we can lock up Karr for the rest of his life. That he doesn't appear to have commited any crime doesn't seem to matter to these clowns.

Hannity thinks that the things he's said are just creepy and the only explanation is that he's possessed by evil itself. I guess it's not enough to have an exorcism for Hannity. We have to contain the devil by locking him away for ever.

That'll really show the devil who's in charge here.

These religious right wing nutcases are really, really scary. They actually beleive this nonsense about devil possession and they actually think they are the true soldiers of the true god.

They keep calling Karr a pediphile. He's not. There's no evidence that he is. Not any. He's nuts, that part is clear, and he might be a pediphile, but it's really doubtful that theres many 41 year pediphiles running around loose that the cops want to find evidence against but can't find any. That's really strong evidence that he's not a pediphile.

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Blogger Randy G said...

I agree that he should face a fair trial before being locked up, but really I believe it is a matter of time. The guy was living in Thailand presumably in order to get a sex change. Also Thailand is pretty infamous for being a haven for child porn. I know we cannot proceed legally with these assumptions, but there is quite obviously something very wrong with this cat. I agree that the extreme religious right guys are doing a disservice to the more centered conservatives like myself. The likes of Pat Robertson and H&C that you speak of do not understand that they are driving away the very people they are attempting to appeal to.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Gary Carson said...

In this country we lock a lot of people up for what they've actually done. A whole lot, more than any other country in the world.

But one of the things we aren't supposed to do is lock up people for what we think they might do in the future. The fear of a future where our government does that is holding back some solid research on the relationship between genetics and violence. Liberals try to block the research because of a fear that right wing nutcases will use the results as an excuse to remove children from society, basically tracking them for prison because they might grow up and hit somebody.

What that DA in CO did was exactly that. She didn't arrest Karr because she thought he killed JonBenet or did anything illegal at all. She arrested him because of a fear he might commit a crime in the near future. She was afraid he might commit a crime in Thailand for christs sake. Listen to that press conference she gave. She actually said that's why she made the arrest.

As creepy as Karr is, I think this DA is even creepier and I think anyone who's making excuses for her is fundementally a facist.

12:37 PM  
Blogger WillInNewHaven said...

He didn't kill whatsername. He hasn't been convicted of anything. Why is it "a matter of time." If he was going for a sex-change operation, what is the statute law against getting such an operation in Thailand? In Thai law or in U.S. law.

I never understood the law and order stuff from conservatives. If we are supposed to get the state off our backs, get them off our backs. People who commit violent crimes should be stopped, punished if you want to use the word. People simplay accused of crimes are supposed to be given a trial. Not "a fair trial before being locked up" but a fair trial with no preconceptions.

And I have voted for more Republicans than Democrats since the early Seventies.

6:35 PM  

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