Thursday, April 26, 2007


Atheism is a religious concept.

When I was 11/12 I took confirmation classes in the Lutheran Church every Saturday morning. It kind of had the opposite effect of what was intended. Those classes managed to convince me that religion was just nonsense.

I was never a favorite of teachers, I had a habit of questioning almost anything they told me. Our preacher taught the confirmation classes and the first think I started seriously question was his explanation for why we should memorize various bible passages.

He said that then we'd be able to quote the bible in any debates with unbelievers we might have in our lifetime. What?

Someone who doesn't believe the truth of the bible will change their mind if you argue using vague quotes from the bible?

Somehow that just translated into nonsense. Believing that was some kind of winning debate strategy just seemed delusional to this 11 year old.

The idea of the reality of a God is so central to the thinking of Christians that they just can't get past the idea that believe in something isn't sufficient to make that something true. Wanting something isn't evidence of the existence of that something.

And since the reality of a God is central to their own thinking, they just assume it's central to the thinking of everyone. They even think that the reality of God is central to the way of thinking of those who don't believe in the reality of God.

That's how they come up with definitions of atheists and agnostics. The typical definitions of those terms had to have been developed by religious believers.

The real atheist doesn't believe there is no God. The real atheist doesn't think about God at all, doesn't have any belief about the reality of God.

Atheists who try to defend atheism are simply letting some religious nutcase set the terms of a debate. Why? That makes about as much sense as quoting the bible to prove the existence of God.


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