Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tenet on 60 minutes

He's lying. Very simple, very obvious

He said nobody was tortured. He says we did "enhanced interrogations" and that when he gave the okay to do that it kept him awake nights. Huh? He also says he won't discuss whether the enhanced interrogations includes anything specific such as water boarding.

That's all such an obvious lie it's laughable. Of course we tortured people. Changing words doesn't change the deeds.

The other early lie was whether anyone died in interrogations. First he said, No. When quizzed further he qualified, "Not in the program you a and I are talking about right now". Which, of course means that somebody did die in enhanced interrogations, just not on the Thursday interregations.

They all lied to us then, they're all lying to us now.

Impeach all those sonsofbitches.

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