Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oklahoma Sheriff in Iraq

The sense of entitlement that so often goes with having a badge is just stunning.

A sheriff in rural Oklahoma just walks away, takes a job in Iraq
, and figures he'll keep drawing a sheriff's salary for a couple of months, then maybe resign.

After all, he is the Sheriff. They owe him something, don't they?
Hartshorne quietly left the sheriff's office in early April to take a job with DynCorp International as a private contractor to train Iraqi police. He apparently was out of Oklahoma to train for the DynCorp job even while he was drawing an Adair County paycheck last month, authorities said.

"I think he left everybody in the dark," County Commissioner Sam Chandler said.

Maybe. Chandler and other county officials have been asking Adair County sheriff's deputies and Undersheriff Tim McCollum for weeks about Hartshorne's whereabouts. They claim that they never received a clear answer.

Just amazing.

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