Thursday, November 22, 2007

Foreign policy and democrats

Hillary and Obama both seem to think foreign policy experience is important.

Obama lived in Indonesia for a couple of years when he was about 10.

Hillary was married to a guy who was responsible for foreign policy of the United States.

Bill Richardson was United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

So are Hillary and Obama competing over which is better qualified to be Richardson's VP?

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Blogger Major Bob said...

Excellent point Gary.

People might also ask, before they punch their chad, what Obama and Hillary know about:

- Economics
- Military strategy
- Biology
- Environmental Science
- Leadership


For that matter, what do any of them know about anything? They believe in nothing.

It's sad how little actual experience these candidates have; Obama and Hillary are nearly the least qualified, but they have the right amount of melanin and estrogen, respectively, for the democrat ticket.

Richardson and Romney are probably the most qualified from an executive standpoint. The rest are all empty suits spouting talking points.

Happy Thanksgiving Gary.

8:07 AM  

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