Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why did Gonzales fire them?

Terry Frank quotes a comment by the non-candidate, Fred Thompson (the other Thompson) on why he thinks the assistant attorney generals were fired --
There was nothing wrong with firing eight U.S. attorneys. Of course the Department of Justice was inept in the way they did it, trying to conceal things that didn’t need to be concealed but the U.S. attorneys, like innumerable other public officials serve at the pleasure of the president. He fired eight of his own appointees apparently because they we not aggressive enough in pursuing voting fraud cases.

That could be the reason they were fired. That was the original best guess by a lot of people.

But the problem is that we don't know why they were fired, and whatever that reason is, we were lied to about what it was. We were told they were fired for poor performance. That turns out to have been a lie -- Gonzales now says that's not the reason they were fired. But he also seems to be saying he doesn't know why they were fired.

This just isn't making sense. It's actually starting to look like they were fired because they didn't accept the Regent Law School dogma that George was sent to us by God to protect us from the infidels and the queers. There's as much evidence for that explanation as for any other.

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