Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Supporting the troops is one thing, but refusing to recognize that some of the troops are just nuts is something else.

And the thing that those who haven't been in the military don't understand is that the military tends to be very tolerant of dangerous nutcases in their midst.

During one 3 week period back in 1968 that we had an unexpected layover in Subic Bay, Philippines, for repairs to our guns, Bill Fariello got in the habit of buying a chick in town every night. Bill was a nutcase. He was violent and not fully rational. Olongapo City had street vendors that sold chicks. People would buy them and take them home to feed out.

We had Cinderella Liberty in Subic Bay. That means we had to be back on the ship by midnight. Every night, just before midnight, Bill would come up the gangplank, drunk, with a chick hidden under his uniform jumper (the sailor suit jumper).

He'd sit at a table in the berthing compartment, in the dark, and talk to the chick. For about an hour. Every night. He'd tell the chick how mean the Navy was, that they wouldn't let him keep the chick. And, since Bill was a little violent and a little crazy, nobody would say anything. We'd just lay in our racks and listen to him talk to the chick until he'd start crying.

Then he'd tell the chick he was going to set it free and he'd take the chick topside.

The water in Subic Bay was some of the filthiest, oiliest, water I've ever seen. If any part of a uniform came in contact with that water you'd get a stain that couldn't be removed. There is no way in hell that a duck, much less a baby chicken, could swim in that water. Bill would take that chick topside and drop it into the water then watch it sink.

He'd come back below decks and lay in his rack, crying because the chick had drowned.

The next night he'd do it again.

Here's a video of a US soldier throwing rocks at an injured dog and laughing when it tries to hobble away.

A previous video of a Marine picking up a small puppy and throwing it off a cliff was removed by YouTube. I guess some things Americans just aren't supposed to know about.

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