Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A chair fell over. Lock it down. Call in a SWAT team.

Kent Washington is populated by idiots. Not just idiots running the schools. Some kind of idiot juice has been added to the water in Kent Washington, clearly by foreign terrorists.
A high school was put into lockdown Friday afternoon after a report of shots fired.

The King County Sheriff's Department says a school employee called them around 2 p.m. The employee was told that someone heard a "pop, pop, pop" sound coming from one of the rooms that they assumed was gunfire.

Deputies say it appears one of the teachers was having a chair stacking contest. A stack fell over, resulting in the sound which was mistaken for gunfire.

Deputies took no chances with the initial report. Video from the scene showed at least 15 police cars, along with a pair of vans, parked outside the building. Officers could be seen walking around.

The best part is the last sentence. It's the part that demonstrates that not just the school and police officials are idiots, but the TV reporters are also idiots.
Several kids could also be seen gathering outside the school.

Uh. Was the school in a lockdown? Or was the school evacuated? Or did they just go on a lunch break?

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